The Garden Party Electronic Music & Arts Festival – Lake Orion, MI | May 18, 2024

Logo of Garden Party Music Festival featuring colorful, artistic representations of music, celebration, and nature elements.

Join the Rhythm: Get Involved

How to Help

Artists, Performers, Volunteers, Sponsors - Welcome

We are thrilled you’re interested in being a part of the inaugural Garden Party Music & Arts Festival! Whether you’re an artist, volunteer, vendor, or sponsor, there are numerous ways to get involved. Here’s how you can be a part of this exciting event:

1. Artists And Performers
Are you a local electronic artist or performer looking to showcase your talent? We are seeking passionate individuals and groups to add to our vibrant lineup of music and art.

Music Artists: Fill out the Artist Application Form, providing links to your music, a brief bio, and any previous performance experience.

Visual Artists: We are looking for visual artists to create immersive, interactive installations. Fill out the Artist Application, and submit your portfolio along with a brief proposal of your project.

2. Volunteers
Volunteers are the backbone of any festival! If you want to contribute to the success of The Garden Party while gaining invaluable experience, consider joining our volunteer team.

Roles Include: Set-up and tear-down, guest services, environmental services, and more.

Perks: Free festival access, exclusive merchandise, and being part of an amazing community.

3. Vendors
We welcome a variety of vendors to enhance the festival experience with food, beverages, merchandise, and more.

Food Vendors: Provide a taste of local and international cuisine.
Merchandise Vendors: Sell unique clothing, crafts, and other items.

Activity Providers: Host workshops or interactive booths.

4. Sponsors
Align your brand with The Garden Party Music & Arts Festival and gain exposure to a diverse, engaged audience. We offer various sponsorship packages tailored to your brand’s needs and goals.